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 Majority of my projects are client based which means I need to have wide range of knowledge and skill to accommodate their artistic needs. I have painted on variety of surfaces such as canvas, paper, wood panels, glass, tiles, metal, and textiles. These are some of examples of my art projects.


 Great Blue Heron on Canvas

     Great Blue Heron

                   Acrylic on 24" x 36" canvas.

 Great Blue Heron detail

2 Dog Portraits

Griffin and Brie

  Jack Russells (Left)  Malteses (Below)

I was asked to paint 2 dog portraits on 18" x 24" canvas by new client. The first painting was two very cute Jack Russells sitting on Christmas sleigh and the second one is equally cute Malteses.

I always enjoy painting pet portrait and had a great time. I was so glad that the client loved them very much.

   Tiki and Amie

Blacknight Heron

This "Black Crown Night Heron" painted on canvas was ordered by my one of best client long time ago and I just finished. She always trusts my artistic judgement and let me experiment something outside of my comfort zone. This time because of the subject, I wanted to be loose and fun, cartoon like "Pop Art" .  I had a great fun painting it!

Blacknight Heron

Pelican and Sea Shells on Salvaged Wood Panel
This pelican painting is done on salvaged barn wood for my client. I have done couple of work for them (mural and shrimp boat painting) in last few months.
This time they want something for their master bathroom wall. they showed me a tile and fabric for color reference and requested me to incorporate a large sea bird and sea shells which they use to decorate throughout the bathroom.

Pelican on Driftwood

I used actual roping around the artwork. If the bathroom does not have good ventilation, I would not recommend using it because of mold and mildew.

Pelican whith textile and tiles

(Top)  Artwork with Fabric and Tile.

Rustic Milk Can Painting

I have been requested to paint house portrait by my clients several times before as house warming gift for their friends. Instead of giving something which they may or may not like, I think a house portrait is a great gift idea and am sure that they are going be very surprised and pleased!

Milk Jag (Top)
 (Top) Carolina Wren)

Forgotten Tractor Painting

Someone left an old tractor on Paris Island Gateway in Beaufort. It has been there for long time and no sign of being used. It may be abandoned or display?  The painting is acrylic on watercolor paper. Image size is 10" x 13.75". I enjoy painting old and weathered farm equipment. It has a very warm and interesting charactor.

Forgotten Tractor

Old American Flag wall hanging art

Old American flag painting inspired by The Betsy Ross flag. Acrylic painted on reclaimed barn wood.

Antique U.S. flag

Pluff Mudd 2

Pluff Mudd 2

Edisto Blue

Edisto Blue

Pluff Mudd

As soon as I finish their guest bathroom mural, they asked me to paint shrimp boat to hang in same room.  I thought it is very interesting idea not to paint shrimp boat as a part of the mural. I had to go with same color palette (shown below)

Pluff Mudd Shrimp Boat

Color Samples

Edisto Queen Shrimp Boat Sign
on Salvaged Wood Panel

My new client wanted me to paint a shrimp boat sign using salvaged wood panel. I have done few boat signs before but when my client brought a picture to copy the color and fonts from, I was not sure if it is going to work.
The color and fonts were very similar to a highway road sign. I suggested to change them but she wanted just like the picture. At end, I am glad that I didn't change anything. Always the customer is right!

Edisto Queen Shrimp Boat Sign

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