Dropleaf Desk

Drop Leaf Writing Desk

My client wanted her old dropleaf writing desk to be painted to go with her newly remodeled basement but did not have a clear visual idea. She did not own any painted furniture and was little skeptical. I suggested to her to paint it with a light background color and a few local birds -  which she loved. I explained to her that painted furniture doesn't need to be covered with art work. Sometime it just needs a little accent as a forcal point.

Replacing a few knobs or pulls are inexpensive ways to refresh your furniture. A variety of knobs are available in markets from all over the world.


Detail on Left Side

Kingfisher Left

Detail on Center Panel

Carolina Wren

Detail on Right Side

Kingfisher Right

Hand Crafted 2 Door Hutch

This 2 door hutch (right) was hand crafted by my client's father in late 1960's. The client and his lovely wife have kept it for all those years because of this reason. Finally they decided to refurbish the hutch and asked me to paint shrimp boats in some Lowcountry setting.

They are the same couple whom I painted drop leaf desk (above) in few years back. They told me that this hatch is going to be in same room as the desk. I used similar background color to tie both pieces. I think it is very important for furnitures to have some type of cohesiveness such as color, style, or subject matterin the room.

(Right) I painted couple of small crabs on upper shelve for little surprise.

Hall Hatch (detail)

2 Door Hatch (before)

2 Door Hatch (right)

2 Door Hatch (front)

2 Door Hatch (left)

On the right side of lower cabinet, I painted a shrimp boat named "Sur La Mer" as requested by my client. I choose typical summer Lowcountry scenely with Hunting Island ligh house with green sea grass.

2 Door Hatch (bottom right)

Because of the narrow spaces on top portion, my option was very limited. I choose to paint flying seagulls, because I can arrange their position anyway I want to fit on awkward space.
Hall Hatch (top right)

Hall Hatch (top left)

On the other side, I painted couple of shrimp boats at "Gay Fish Company" located on St Helena Island near Beaufort.

I kept front side very simple. There are enough interests with shatter doors, hardwares, distressing and antiquing.

2 Door Hatch (bottom left)

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