Birds Lovers Chest

Birds Lovers Chest

This maple chest was built in Toccoa, Ga by well know furniture builder. I painted a couple of snowy egret on front door as a focal point and many small and colorful birds such as red breasted nuthatch, blue bird, painted bunting, cardinal, common yellowthroat and carolina wren on both sides of case. Rust on door hinges and pull is faux finish.

 Birds Lovers Chest 2 Snowy Egrets

Birds Lovers Chest Wren
Carolina Wren (Back of the door)

Birds Lovers Chest Top
Faux wood finish with rusty square head nails.

Birds Lovers Chest (Left)

Deep forest with Pat Conroy designed bird house, carolina wren, male  bluse bird and red breasted nuthatch.


Doop forest with female cardinal, pair of painted buntings, female blue bird and common yellow throat.

Birds Lovers Chest (Right)

Fireplace Screen

Fireplace Screen (Front)

Hand painted maple fireplace screen. House portrait (front) moon and magnolia design (back)

Fireplace Screen (Back)

Loon Folding Table

Loon Folding Table

My client loves this painting. She told me that this loon on lake reminds her home state of Maine.

Often table top is the first place to show a sign of  wear and tear. Instead of touching up with marker, why don't you just cover the top with artwork which you love.

This type of small table is an ideal for artwork. It has large flat surface to display.

I recommend at least 3 coats of clear finish such as polycrylic at the end. (I do not recommend polyurethane)

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Loon Folding Table 2

Cmaden Field Style Leeds Chest

Leeds Chest (Shrimp Boat)

I painted panoramic "Lowcountry" scene and a  shrimp boat named "Miss Lila".

I am very pleased with the effect of faux finishs, specially rust on hinges and door pull, as well as wood  panel with rusty square cut nails on top.

Leeds Chest (Behind Door)
Wondering Hermit Crab

I always paint little surprise where people normally do not expect. This case I painted wondering hermit crab on back of the door.

Leeds Chest (Right Side)
Right Side of the Chest - Great Heron and Palemtto Tree.
Faux Wood Panel with Rusty Square Cut Nails

Faux Wood Finish (Top)

Blue Crabs and Rusty Nail
Leeds Chest Top Left

Oyster, Shrimp and Hermit Crab

 Leeds Chest Top Right

 Hydrangea Game Table

 Hydrangea Table (Top)

 Hydrangea Table

This old game table has seen better days yet still maintains its classic and elegant style. I dressed up with 4 different colored hydrangea bouquets with vines running between.

Hydrangea Table (Before)

Gametable Red Hydrangea

Gametable Blue Hydrangea

Gametable Purple Hydrangea

Gametable Green Hydrangea

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