Working with Habitat for Humanity

I have participated with the local Habitat for Humanity annual fundraisers since 2007. For the 5th annual Birdhouse Auction in 2008, I was asked to paint the birdhouse designed by local literary figure Pat Conroy.  His design was inspired by his books and was difficult to paint because of its fine details. However, it was sold for a top price among the hundreds of other birdhouses.

conroybird1        Conroy Birdhouse2         Conroy Birdhouse 3
Habitat for Humanity Poster

8th annual Habitat for Humanity Art Auction poster

In 2011, I was asked to design the poster for the 8th Annual Birdhouse Auction. The theme was ”Home Re-Imagine, it’s not just for the birds anymore”
The original artwork on canvas and limited edition lithograph were sold at the auction.

For this years (2014) Upcycled Art Auction, I painted a two-door hutch with egrets and a shrimp boat in a marsh scene and magnolia backdrop. This piece was originally an outdated bathroom vanity that had been donated to the ReStore.
The top had large holes for the sink and faucets and needed to be replaced with reclaimed pine board. I also had to replace entire back.



  I kept original hinges but had to replace plastic knobs to   antique glass knobs.


     I cut extra pine board to make drop-leaf on left side.

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2009 Birdhouse.

This rustic bird house with mail box was my design and construction. The tree trunk holding the birdhouse and mail box was live oak cut from my backyard.

2009 Birdhouse

2009 Birdhouse side view

2009 Birdhouse - side view

2010 Bird House.

2010 Birdhouse

2010 Birdhouse

I have many interesting left over materials from past projects such as moulding, colored glass, mosaic tiles, curved legs, and antique knobs. I incorporated these materials to create a harlequin style birdhouse.

2010 Birdhouse side view

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