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Antique Cedar Chest

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I have participated for Lowcountry Habitat for Humanity annual charity event.
This year I was fortunate enough to be selected as a honorary chair person.

This event is called "Upcycled Art Auction". Many local and Regional artists and craftmen pick up donated items from ReStore in Beaufort and will repurpose, recycle and reimagine to create beautiful works of art to be auctioned. This event became so popular and the tickets was sold out long before the actual event.

I picked up very old cedar chest from ReStore in April as a blank canvas. I wanted to paint something to celebrate the life in the Lowcountry as well as the life of Pat Conroy who recently passed away. He was not only a famous author and local celebrity but an American treasure. I painted shrimp boat "Tiderunner", wren and Pat's book "The Prince of Tides" on top. Inside of trunk, I painted an antique compass rose. At center of the compass is a replica of South Carolina State Seal which I painted for Beaufort Country Clark of Court in 2007.

Antique Cedar Chest Before1

Habitat Antique Cedar Chest After

Removing paint with a paint stripper is always messy job. but in this case, I rather use
chemical paint stripper than sanding lead based paint with sander. I loved old wood and
chiped paint and tried to keep that patina look as much as I could specially on the lid.

Antique Cedar Chest Before2

 Habitat Antique Cedar Chest Open

(below)  Antique compass rose with gold leaf. At center of compass,
I painted whimsical South Carolina State Seal which is a replica of my own artwork that was commissioned by Beaufort County Clark of Court in 2007.

  Compass Rose (Detail)

I painted "Tiderunner" shrimp boat on the water of Habor River along with Trompe L Oeil "The Prince of Tides" book and 2 Carolina Wren.
As a part of back drop, I painted old "Dockside" restaurant which was well known among the locals and famous Parris Island Marine Corps Recruit Depot. Old square head nails and rust are faux finish.

Trompe L Oeil "The Prince of Tides"

Habitat Antique Trunk Top

"Tiderunner" shrimp boat became very famous because of the movie
"The Prince of Tides" The boat was reitred and abandoned at marsh on St Helena Island near Beaufort, SC. Photo taken on June 27, 2013 by Glory Dyze, flicker.com.

 "Tiderunner" Ritired


 Tiderunner Detail

     "Panoramic View" of the Trunk

Panoramic View of the Case

 Antique Trunk Frontview

(Left)  I painted a couple of white herons in Lowcountry marsh setting. Live oak, spanish moss, saw grass and sea grass are almost part of life here.

I added tulip feet to gain some height to the case.

(Below Left)  Left side of the case. Palmetto tree and small shrimp boat and dock.

(Below Center)  Right side of the case. Small fish cabin with boat.
I also painted a great blue helon picking a meal.

A small cabin on the marsh has been my dream living. Between my commission work, I would like to paint more rustic cabins. "Thomas Kinkade Lowcountry Style"

Antique Trunk Leftside View

Antique Trunk Rightside View

(Below)  "Fish Camp"

This fishing cabin is my dream house. I am pretty sure many folks down here love to have this cabin too.

Antique Trunk Detail (Fish Camp)

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