Bombay Style Home Bar
This home bar was purchased from The Bombay Company. It was still in good shape but had many scratches. I was asked to paint local birds and marsh scenes as background.

Homebar Before

Homebar After

Kitchen Pantry Cabinet

Kitchen Pantry Cabinet

This piece was an inexpensive pine bookcase. When you repaint any pine furniture, you have to keep in mind that no matter how many coats of primer and paint you add, the knots will show up in few years as ugly yellow circle. (You can see some knots on left photo.)

There is no way to avoid this occurance and my recommendation is to paint the piece in darker color that will help to reduce visible yellow pine knots.

The back board was in good shape but I replaced it with beadboard to go with French Country Farm theme.

Kitchen Pantry Cabinet

Mudroom Bench

A mudroom bench is the first thing you see when you come in from the outside and usually has a large open surface. This is great place to add some fun artwork to welcome your family members and guests.

Many people have asked me about finish coats.
I don't recommend polyurethane for painted furniture . Because it will be dingy in few years.
(I only use polyurethane for stained furniture)
Normally I use Polycrylic which is water based and very forgiving.

                           Artwork  detail

Egret Detail

Mudroom Bench Before

Mudroom Bench Before

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