"Slow Country"
      Hilton Head Island

Master Bedroom Mural

The home owner lives in Hilton Head Island commissioned me to paint master bedroom mural with shrimp boat, great blue heron, and live oak with spanish moss.

He also requested some plants in foreground including canna lilies and ginger which strive in his backyard.

He wanted to refrect the life style of "the Lowcountry" which is slow and laid back on his mural.

At first, I painted the center piece on a plywood, then his carpenter built a ceder frame around it. After they are securely mounted on the wall, I painted rest of the mural.

 Slowcountry Mural

Master Bathroom Mural
As soon as I finished master bedroom mural, home owner asked me to paint another mural in their master bathroom. Again, he wanted a shrimp boat as the focal point. But this time I added shrimp boat dock with few shrimp boats as well as nesting snowy egret, flying great blue heron, family of mallard, and lighthouse.There are so many things in this mural that home owner never get board no matter how long he is going to stay in his bathroom.

 Shrimp Boat Mural

  Shrimp Boat Mural

                             Preliminary Sketch
 Shrimp Boat Mural Priminary Sketch



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