Shrimp Boat II Mural

My new client is a big fun of local shrimp boat. I painted the shrimp boat 150% bigger by client's request so that fine details of the boat can be seen.

  Shrimp Boat 2 Mural

 Shrimp Boat 2 Mural (detail-1)

Shrimp Boat Mural2 (Detail)

Left - It is possible to paint plastic outlet and swithch plates with proper preparation. Sand, clean, prime, paint then seal.

Shrimp Boat Mural (Detail)

Library Dome Ceiling Mural

My client enjoys living in Lowcountry because of abundant nature and wild life. On their new library ceiling, they asked me to paint blue sky and native birds.

One bad thing about dome ceiling is that it is very hard to take good photographs.
I hope I captured all the fine details.

They were very pleased with the result and gave me another project (Below)

Library Dome Mural

Dome Ceiling Mural (Nesting Egret)
Nesting Snowy Egret

Dome Ceiling Mural (Great Blue Heron)
Great Blue Heron

Dome Ceiling Mural (King Fisher)
King Fisher

Dome Ceiling Mural (Flying Ospree)

Library Dome Mural

Flying Egret
Snowy Egret

King Fisher
King Fisher

Guest Bathroom Mural

Same client (above) wanted their guest bathroom painted with Lowcountry scene with lot of birds and little creatures. I could not paint small creatures such as butterfly, dragonfly and humming birds on previous project because of the viewing distance. But a small room like this is an ideal space to showcase her little friends.

Guest Bathroom Mural (Mirror)

Painting a part of mirror adds custom look and helps harsh edges to blend into the surrounding.

Guest Bathroom Mural (Snowy Egret)

Guest Bathroom Mural (Cardinals)

Bathroom Mural (Oleoles)

Guest Bathroom Mural (Shrimp Boat)

Guest Bathroom Mural (Hydrangia)

Guest Bathroom Mural (Bold Eagle)

Guest Bathroom Mural (White Heron)

Guest Bathroom Mural (Blacknight Heron)

Guest Bathroom Mural 2

My new client saw her friend library and bathroom murals (above) and decided to have her own.

She is from New York City and has very sophisticated taste when it comes to fashon and home decor. At our first meeting, I asked her to describe her taste. She just said "Malibu meets Paris". As soon as I saw her living room, I understood what she meant. Her large scale objects throughout the room are bold but polished in taste.

She also requested to incorporate aqua and turquoise blue colors but not much of green.

Guest Bathroom Mural (2 Herons)

Guest Bathroom Mural (Mirror)

Guest Bathroom Mural (Heron on Branch)

Guest Bathroom Mural (Monet's Lily Pond)

Guest Bathroom Mural (Hydrangia)

Arbor Project

I could put this arbor project into my "Custom Art" category but choose not to. If the artwork is substantial in size and gives you a  surrounding feel, I prefer to categorize it as a mural.
One of my favorite client has beautiful backyard.
As you can see the photo on the right, The arbor needed little spicing up. My client loves vivid color and large flower specially sunflower and dahlia. She painted cafe table and chairs by herself and did a wonderful job! The abort is covered with wisteria on top and surrounded by farns, ginger and canna lilies. I can not wait to see it in Spring time.

Arbor (Before)


Arbor 1

Arbor 2

Arbor 3 Panels

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