Border Mural 1

Kitchen Border Mural

This client already had a painted tile backsplash over her
stove (right) but could not find matching border for her kitchen. She likes to keep  a light and clean look and her choice of colors were white, blue, and green.

Murals don't need to be grand and fussy, sometimes a little art work is all you need to tie everything together.

Border Mural 2

Kitchen Border Mural


Hirsh Mural 1
Negative to Positive

This client had big blank wall at landing and was not sure what they can do. Since this is a heavy traffic area, they did not want to place any large scale furniture but wanted to make the wall as focal point.

Murals can transfer a most awkward space into something fun and magical.

I like the element of surprise. I often add small artwork where people do not expect.

In this case, I painted a nesting egret and
chicks on a ledge of moulding above the mural.

When I re-do furniture, I often paint the back of doors and the inside of drawers with a little surprise. That makes the piece more personal and special.

Sheehan 2


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The entrance to this master suite was painted in a deep red. With its circular architecture and French chandelier, the space was already elegant. But adding decorative ornaments create a drama and pizzazz.

The original ornamentation was hand curved or hand sculpted, a process which was not only very time consuming but also very expensive. You can achieve the same effect by using "Trompe l'oeil" (fool the eye) which is inexpensive and makes lot of sense.

Redroom 2

Grand Entrance to Master Suite

Redroom 1

Redroom 3

 Laundry Room

Laundry Room Electrical Panel Box

A laundry room doesn't need to be boring and an electrical panel doesn't need to be ugly either.
I wish that I came up with this clever idea but my clients are the one who asked me to disguise two electrical panels as wooden shutters and create fake windows between them with a flower box full of geraniums in their laundry room.

This is another example of  "making negative into positive".

 Laundry Room 2

Breakfast Rotunda 1

Dealing with High Ceiling

If you have a high ceiling and do not like stark white ceiling paint, a  light blue sky with some puffy clouds is the way to go. The keys to successful ceiling murals are using light colored paint and not over do it. You do not want any heavy weight on top of your head. If you want a punch of color, try colorful birds or butterflies, or maybe a hot air balloon.

Breakfast Rotunda 2

Breakfast Rotunda 5

This octagonal breakfast room was sunny, but missing some interest.
The light colored whimsical ceiling mural brings fun to the room.

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A Little Touch in the Guest Room

People usually do not pay a lot of attention when  decorating a guest room. But this mural at a window seat makes the room so unique and welcoming.
This client has traveled all over the world for her business and wanted to reflect her experiences.

(Far right)  Detail of suitcase.

Bench Mural

Trunk Mural 2

Brays Turlte 2

Tropical Touch in Little Bathroom

A guest bathroom is another space we often neglect when it comes to decorating.
My client is passionate about nature conservation. She loves sea turtles and wanted to incorporate this into her guest bathroom mural.

Since it was small enclosed space, she did not want a busy mural. Instead, she wanted one large piece of art in an open space which is a very effective way to make a eye catching focal point.

Brays Turtle

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