Quinper Vignette

French Quimper 2 Door Chest

I have a client who asked me to redo her antique chest and milk jar with a design inspired by her collection of French Quimper.
I choose two figures for the front doors and kept the rest of design very simple. I rubbed the edges with sand paper and steel brush then applied special glaze to achieve the antique look.
She was very pleased and created a very personal vignette using these pieces in her sunroom over looking the marsh and river.

Quimper Chest 3
  An accent artwork on back of doors or inside of drawer make the piece more personal.


Find a inspiration

It is very important to have a inspired piece as a starting point. Whether color,  pattern, or subject matter, the inspired piece makes the design process easier.

One of the clients Quimper collection
Quimper Ware


Quimper-Milk Jar

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