Dome Ceiling Mural

nmrwmural 1

A domed shape ceiling is little harder to paint than normal flat ceiling, specially when you are dealing with a color gradient. I prepared 4 different blue paints (dark, medium, light, and very light). Dark blue is used for the center (top) and very light blue is for the horizon (bottom).

nmrwmural 2

nmrwmural 3

Palmetto trees are very common around this area and my client asked me to paint a couple of them as well as some small creatures such as butterflies, frogs, geckos, and birds. Because of the height of the ceiling, I had to paint these creatures bigger. I also painted two different size palmetto trees juxtaposing each other. By painting them in different sizes, it create a depth of field.

nmrw mural 5

On other side of the mural, I painted a nesting egret with chicks and a couple of cardinals. I also painted a few birdhouses, carolina wrens, blue birds, and their beloved pet cat "Peanut".

nmrwmural 4

At the center of the ceiling, I painted a large flying wood stork.

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