Tribute to Pat Conroy

(Acrylic on Canvas. 28" X 36")

Pat Conroys Books

Pat Conroy Literary Center Mural
8'x 12' on plywood panels (Triptych)

I was invited to paint a mural at Pat Conroy Literary Center located 308 Charles Street downtown Beaufort. It was a great honor and humbling experience for me to dedicate a mural for the literary center to celebrate his life and work. I painted Low Country scene which Pat loved so much on triptych, each panel is 4’x 8’. The painting does not have any dominant focal point, however it has few symbols. For example, I choose a snowy egret which symbolize “purity” and represent Pat, sunrise is dawn of new day or beginning of new world, flying toward rising sun means “his departure to new world” and a bridge represent his contribution to spread the love of literature, beauty of Lowcountry as well as my personal favorite “The Water Is Wide”
The grand opening in October was great success! I was so pleased for turnout!!! Learn more about Pat Conroy Literary Center at

Pat Conroy Literary Center Mural

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