Recent Projects

Birds of the Lowcountry

Birds of the Lowcountry  (19.5" x 21")

I painted common birds in this area such as Carolina wren, kingfisher, snowy egret and red-breasted nuthatch on 4 separate panels which mounted on discarded old wooden frame. This frame used to have metal support to hold small potted plants.

Birds of the Lowcountry (frame)

I also painted a bird nest with 3 eggs and little greenery on top of the frame.
This item is on sale ($360 + shipping) please check it out on my "Sale" page.

Birds of the Lowcountry (Nuthatch)

Birds of the Lowcountry (Kingfisher)

Birds of the Lowcountry (Carolina Wren)

Birds of the Lowcountry (Snowy Egreat)

Betsy Rose

American flag wall hanging art

This old American flag was inspired by "Betsy Rose" flag.
Acrylic painted on 19.5" x 23" salvaged wood panel with rope hanger.
This item is on sale ($260 + shipping) please check it out on my "Sale" page.

Betsy Rose (detail-1)

Betsy Rose (detail-2)
             Rope hanger with faux rust                                

 Snowy Egret in Morning Mist

Snowy Egret in Morning Mist

When I was younger, I avoided to incorporate Japanese Art into my own work. I thought I came here to learn Western Art and did not want to be influenced by anything else. As I get older, I start appreciating my heritage and begin to find my own unique style which is characterized by serenity and simplicity. This snowy egret is painted with acrylic on 24" x 36" canvas. The egret is looking for next meal in misty morning Lowcountry marsh. I kept the background in monotone color like Japanese "sumie"(墨絵) ink painting with exaggerated shading and tail feather.

Snowy Egret Close Up


"Tweed and Knick" Pony Painting

When I was asked to painting ponies, I was so excited. I always wanted to paint pony and horse but never had a chance to. I guess not everybody has horse and pony as pets. However there are many horse communities and lanch in Lowcountry and coastal Georgia.

I took many pictures and combined them to look like they are whispering eachother. They were very qute, gentle and full of personalities.

This work was painted with acrylic on 24" X 30" canvas.

Pony Painting

Waterfront Park Painting

Beaufort Waterfront Park

I just finished a small painting (14" x 18") for one of my favorite client. The view from Beaufort Waterfront Park looking toward Sea Islands, McTeer Bridge, Cat Island, and U.S. Naval Hospital with pink azalea bush. She told me that these are the important places where she wanted to include in this painting.

Tropical Tybee Island

My new client from Rincon, Ga wanted to surprise her mom with this painting. She requested me to paint a quiet beach scene with palm tree, pelican, seagulls and Tybee Island light house in tropical setting with happy and fun colors.

This project was very interesting and bit challenging to me.
Most of my clients are familier with my shrimp boat, local birds and marsh paintings and I am very comfortable painting them. And my color of choice is usually very earthy and subdued.

I think it is very important for an artist to step out from his or her comfort zone and try to experiment and learn new things. I had a great fun painting.

Acrylic on 24" x 30" canvas.

 Beach Paintng

Redwinged Blackbird and Painted Bunting

I was commissioned these two bird paintings by new client from Bluffton, SC. Both are painted with acrylic on 16" x 20" canvas.

The first one is pair of Redwinged Blacbird. I chose marsh background with cattail which is very common in American wet land.

The second one is a pair of painted bunting. Because of their vivid color, I chose darker background with little white jasmine flowers

Redwinged Blackbirds

Redwinged Blackbird Male

Redwinged Blackbird Female
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Painted Buntings

 Painted Bunting Female

  Painted Bunting Male

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Ben and Jerry

   2 Pugs on Sofa

          18" x 24" Oil on Canvas.
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Hilton Head Master Bathroom Mural

This is the second mural in this house. Home owner was very please with my first mural "Slowcountry Mural" and asked me to paint another one in their master bathroom.

His love of Lowcountry life style and nature reflect on this marsh scene. The mural has everything from flying great blue heron, shrimpboat dock, light house, nesting snowy egret, family of mallard, and hundred of flying seagull.
Mallard Family


Hilton Head Bathroom Mural

 Shrimp Boat

Distressed Farmhouse Table

Distressed Farmhouse Dinning Table and Cabinets

Instead of purchasing brand new kitchen cabinets, this home owner choose to paint and distress existing cabinets as well as dinning table. It is specially great idea for older homes. There are some kitchen that I am even afraid to touch but this is the kind of working kitchen that I can really cook a great meal. It remainds me of the kitchen that I grew up with.

It shows home owners playful and eclectic personality by using mismatch pulls and handles.
Disstressed Painted Cabinet

Distressed Painted Cabinet

Master Bathroom Mural

To create peaceful and relaxing master bathroom is every home owners dream. Instead of decorating with many wall art and objects which make the bathroom crowded and make it looks smaller, why don't you paint a mural and surround yourself in peaceful paradice.

The home owner did not want "Top Heavy" mural. I kept live oak and palmetto tree very light and airy. I also avoid using heavy color and sharp lines so that light blue sky desolved into background wall color.

The home owner was very pleased and even hired professional photographer (Captureed Moment, Beaufort S.C.) to take these beautiful pictures.


Coosaw Bathroom Mural Before

The nesting birds is very popular subject. It seems like
most of my clients want to incorporate it somewhere.

Coosaw Bathroom Mural Door

Coosaw Bathroom Mural Before

Coosaw Bathroom Mural

Old English Writing Desk for Toddler
English Writing Desk 1

This project came from my repeat customer from Beaufort. I just finished her mirror and night stand few weeks ago.

This flip-up school desk came from West Bromwich, England and made by Kingfisher Ltd.

Since it came from England, I painted "The Tale of Peter Rabbit" by Beatrix Potter, pens, pencils, and crayons, and some doodling on scrap paper as "Trompe-l'oeil".
Writing Desk from Top

Writing Desk Peter Rabbit
Writing Desk Doodling

       Slowcountry Mural
The home owner lives in Hilton Head Island commissioned me to paint master bedroom mural with shrimp boat, great blue heron, and live oak with spanish moss.

He also requested some plants in foreground including canna lilies and ginger which strive in his backyard.

He wanted to refrect the life style of "the Lowcountry" which is slow and laid back on his mural.

At first, I painted the center piece on a plywood, then his carpenter built a ceder frame around it. After they are securely mounted on the wall, I painted rest of the mural.

Slowcountry Miral


Antique American Flag Bench

Antique American Flag Bench

This bench was sitting under a canopy of wisteria at my client house in historic part of downtown Beaufort.

As you can see on the left photo, the bench was in pretty bad shape. This is a part of my client's backyard arbor project and I will keep posted for the progress.

 American Flag Bench - After

Paintings for Christmas

 I did series of birds paintings for my client. She told me that all her familiy members are bird fan and she want give them as a Christmas present.

Two Blue Birds

Egret and Chics

Wren and Chics

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Guest Bathroom Vanity

I just finished this guest bathroom vanity. My client wanted a simple wild flower bouquet on each door to complement deep red wall paper. I added stylized vines with tiny red flowers on upper and lower sections of the case to ties whole design.

Guest Bathroom Vanity Doors

     Guest Bathroom Vanity (After)               Guest Bathroom Vanity (Before)

Shrimp boat Signs

Tiderunner Boat Sign #2

These "Tiderunner" shrimp boat signs were commissioned by my client and good friend.
The sizes of the small (left) is 20.5" x 37.5" and the large (right) is 22.5" x 42".

The client wanted these signs to look like they were just taken off the retired shrimp boat.

I used reclaimed barn boards. After distressing and applying antique glaze, I added several old cut nails with rust stains to make them look like authentic.

Tiderunner Boat Sign #1

Seashell Sofa Table

Seashell Sofa Table Before

A seashell is the one of most popular design elements for coastal homes and furniture with seashell art is the best selection for coastal themes. The work is time consuming and labor intensive. As an example-the last commissioned job I completed with seashells and little sea creatures took three weeks to complete. The work was produced on a medium sized dining room table.

This sofa tabe is much smaller and I finished it in a week. I placed two large shells on each side and painted smaller ones in front of them. I always add a little signature item within the scope of the job. In this case it was a hermit crab moving about on the sand.

Seashell Sofa Table 2

Detail on drawer with painted shell pull.
Seashell Drawer Pull

Seashell Sofa Table

Details (Left Corner)

Seashell Sofa Table 4

Details (Right Corner)

Seashell Sofa Table 3

Nautical Theme Sideboard

This sideboard is my most recent project. I started working on the piece in the mid August and took me about 3 weeks. 2 images on the doors are chosen by my clients.

They requested to keep the original stained finish top but backsplash to be painted.
I suggested to add an antique compass rose on backsplash to fill the space.


Antique sideboard (Before)

Antique Sideboard

 Nautical Therme Sideboard

 Compass Rose


 Sideboard left door

 Sideboard right door

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