Lady's Island Master Bathroom

 Lowcountry Master Bathroom


Lowcountry Mural Egret

 Lowcountry Mural Wren

My new client from Lady's Island wanted a mural in her master bathroom with palmetto and live oak tree in marsh.
She wanted plenty of greenery and wildlife, but her husband had other idea.

He is fun of minimalistic Japanese "墨絵" (Sumie painting) which is ink painting. He likes the mural to be and simple and airy. He didn't want a palmetto tree and live oak to be top heavy.

In this project, I had to consider and combine two different individual tastes and that was a challenge.

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Fireplace Mantle Mural

Fireplace Mural

My client found a photo (below) from her favorite magazine and inspired by it.

She wanted to hang a small round mirror above fire place and asked me to paint panoramic Beaufort cityscape as a back drop. She requested to include few iconic structures such as The Woods Memorial Bridge, The Parish Church of St Helena steeple, "Gracie Belle" shrimp boat, waterfront park and Tidalholm AKA "The Big Chill" house.

After she saw the finished mural, she decided not to hang any mirror.

Fireplace Mural-3

The Woods Memorial Bridge and Gracie Belle

Fireplace Mural (Detail)

Inspired image from magazine

Inspired photo

Fireplace (Before Mural)

Fireplace Mural (Before)

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