Seashell Sofa Table

A seashell is the one of most popular design elements for coastal homes and a furniture with seashell art is the best seller in any season. Only disadvantage for an artist is that they are very time consuming and labor intensive. I have done a large dining table with many sea shells and little creatures such as hermit crabs and shrimps. It took me about 3 weeks and I did not make any profit.

This sofa tabe is much smaller and finished in a week. I placed two large shells on each side and painted smaller ones infront of them. I always add little humor in my painting, in this case a crawing hermit carb on sand.

Shell Sofatable Before

Painted Seashell Drawer Pull
Shell Sofatable Knob

   Shell Sofatable

Shell Sofatable

 Details (Left Corner)

Shell Sofatable Left 
 Details (Right Corner)

Shell Sofatable Right

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